Current Position

Under EU reciprocal arrangements the Scottish government provides tuition fee (and in some limited cases living-cost) support for eligible EU students and their family members, coming to Scotland to study. Due to various EU treaties, students from the EEA, Switzerland and Turkey may also be entitled to student support in certain circumstances.

There has been no change so far to the right of EU nationals to reside in the UK. Scotland as part of the UK remains part of the EU, and EU nationals working and studying in Scotland continue to be able to exercise their rights under EU Freedom of Movement until Brexit.

Following the UK's decision to withdraw from the EU, on 24th March 2017 the Scottish Government confirmed that eligible students who start their course in academic year 2018-19 would be eligible for funding for the duration of their course.

Students starting in academic year 2019-2020

On 1st February 2018, the Scottish Government confirmed it would meet the cost of tuition fees for eligible EU students starting their degrees in 2019-2020, for the duration of their course.

The commitment to provide free tuition to EU students in academic years 2019-2020 extends to all eligible EU nationals and associated groups, on eligible further education, higher education (including nursing) and postgraduate courses that currently attract tuition fee support from the Scottish Government.

Students starting in academic year 2020-2021

We are not in a position to confirm our funding policy for EU nationals and associated groups, starting a course of study in academic year 2020-2021, as we are awaiting the outcome of negotiations between the UK Government and the EU.

However, we are aware that students are starting to consider where they would like to study in 2020 and we will provide a further advice as soon as we are able to; so please check back here regularly.

Eligibility Criteria


To be eligible for funding you must meet the residence conditions, which are laid out in legislation: further information is available in our full residence eligibility rules.


Further information about the funding available can be found here on our funding pages: