SAAS Annual Report and Accounts 2013-2014 - page 9

Principal activities
We provide financial support to full-time students in higher education by administering the Students’
Allowances Scheme; the Postgraduate Students’ Allowances Scheme; the Nursing and Midwifery Student
Bursaries Scheme; and the NHS Bursary Scheme. We administer the Part-Time Fee Grant and we distribute
Discretionary and Childcare Funds to Scottish universities and Discretionary Funds to Scottish colleges. We
provide resources to the Student Loans Company Limited for both loan funding and administration costs
and we also administer the Individual Learning Accounts Scotland Scheme, in partnership with Skills
Development Scotland.
Review of the business
We received over 260,000
applications for student support this session covering both full-time and
part-time students. Of these, a total of 160,227
applications for full-time student support were received,
an increase of 0.6% on 2012-13. This continues a trend over the last 6 years of increasing numbers of
applications to the Agency as shown below.
Total applications received for full-time support 2008-2014
number of applications
Undergraduate support
We received 146,634 applications for undergraduate support for academic session 2013-14 and 8,806
applications from nursing and midwifery students. We continued our commitment to have funding in
place for the start of the autumn term for all students applying in full by the guarantee date of 30 June.
A record 120,914 students took advantage of this service and 100% were successfully processed before
course start dates.
Postgraduate support
Students on eligible postgraduate courses, who meet the award conditions, can apply for tuition fee loan
support. We received 2,641 applications for session 2013-14.
Part-time support
For the 2013-14 session we successfully implemented significant changes to support for part-time
students through changes to the scheme known as the Part-Time Fee Grant (PTFG).
Under previous arrangements two forms of part-time support operated; the PTFG administered by SAAS
and a ‘fee waiver scheme’ operated by the universities and colleges and funded by the Scottish Funding
Council (SFC).
This scheme was re-structured for the start of the 2013-14 session and these two funding streams were
brought together to create a single system. The scheme is administered by SAAS under the PTFG
providing a simpler, more transparent, system for students.
The level of support available was also increased from the previous £500 flat rate, to a level based on the
number of Scottish Credit Qualification Framework (SCQF) credits the student takes.
As a result we received 14,064 applications for part-time fees, nearly double the amount from 2012-13.
This includes all applications for full-time and part-time study, ILA 200, DSA and NHS Bursary support.
This includes 2,146 applications for full-time study which were not allocated to any of the undergraduate, nursing and midwifery or
postgraduate support schemes as they had insufficient information to allow for support to be provided.
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