SAAS Annual Report and Accounts 2013-2014 - page 47

16 Related party transactions
SAAS is an executive agency of the Scottish Government (SG) and is part of the SG’s Learning and Justice
Directorate. The SG is regarded as a related party and during the year SAAS had various material
transactions with them.
In addition, the Agency had a small number of non-material transactions with other government
departments and other central government bodies.
During the year, no members of the Management Board, key members of staff or related parties have
undertaken any material transactions with the Agency.
17 Reconciliation to draft portfolio account
The agency’s expenditure is included within the consolidated accounts of the SG. The financing of
£10.380m (£7.904m for 2012-13) as recorded in the Agency’s Statement of Cash Flows, has been agreed
with the Learning and Justice Directorate on behalf of the SG.
18 Intra-government balances
Intra-government balances
Trade payable due within one year
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