SAAS Annual Report and Accounts 2013-2014 - page 21

Our non-executive directors received the following attendance fee payments during financial year
2013-14. No other fees were paid to Non-Executive Board Members in the year. Bruce Nelson’s term of
appointment came to an end on 1 March 2013.
Non-executive director
Dugald Mackie
Derek Smeall
Geoff Holliman
Bruce Nelson
‘Salary’ may include gross salary; any performance pay or bonuses; overtime; recruitment and retention
allowances; private office allowances and any other allowance to the extent that it is subject to UK
Benefits in kind
The monetary value of benefits in kind covers any benefits provided by the employer and treated by
HM Revenue & Customs as a taxable emolument. None of our senior managers received any such
benefit in 2013-14 or 2012-13.
No bonuses were paid in 2013-14 or 2012-13.
Pay multiplier
In accordance with the Government Financial Reporting Manual (FReM), reporting bodies are required
to disclose the relationship between the remuneration of the highest-paid senior manager in their
organisation and the median remuneration of the organisation’s workforce.
The banded midpoint remuneration of the highest paid senior manager in SAAS during the financial
year 2013-14 was £67,500 (2012-13, £62,500). This was 3.7 times (2012-13, 3.4 times) the median
remuneration of the workforce, which was £18,382 (2012-13, £18,132). The increase is due to the
Chief Executive post being regraded to Senior Civil Service during the year.
Total remuneration includes salary, non-consolidated performance-related pay and benefits-in-kind. It
does not include employer pension contributions and the cash equivalent transfer value of pensions.
Compensation on Loss of Office
None of our Board Members received any compensation payments for loss of office during the year.
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