SAAS Annual Report and Accounts 2013-2014 - page 18

SAAS Management Board 2013-14
David Wallace
Chief Executive and Accountable Officer (Chair)
Geoff Holliman
Non-Executive Board Member
Dugald Mackie
Non-Executive Board Member and Audit Committee Chair
Derek Smeall
Non-Executive Board Member
Sandra Bell
Head of Business Delivery
Miriam Craven
Head of Customer Engagement (until 5 January 2014)
Maureen Shevas
Human Resources and Accommodation Manager (Until 5 January 2014
Audrey Shimmons
Head of Finance
Anne Ward
Head of Business Support
Information on salary and pension entitlement can be found in the Remuneration Report and Note 2 in the Notes to the accounts.
Company directorships and other significant interests
No members of the SAAS Board recorded any significant interests or had undertaken any material
transactions with the Agency.
Audit Committee
SAAS has an Audit Committee which supports the Accountable Officer in monitoring and reviewing
corporate governance, risk and control systems within the Agency. The Committee meets four times a
year in accordance with best practice guidance from the Scottish Government.
Its membership comprises our Non-Executive Board Members and Nicola Bennett, Director of Finance
at Scottish Court Service who was appointed as an independent member to provide financial expertise.
The committee is chaired by Dugald Mackie and is attended by the Chief Executive and Head of Finance
as well as representatives from Audit Scotland and Scottish Government Internal Audit. Other senior
managers attend when required. The Committee also has the right to meet in private should it so wish.
Equal opportunities
As an Executive Agency of the Scottish Government all of our permanent employees are Scottish
Government Civil Servants. We can directly recruit staff up to salary Band C in line with Scottish
Government’s equal opportunity policy and the Civil Service Recruitment Code. We do not regard sex,
marital status, age, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, religion or belief, working patterns,
employment status, gender identity (transgender), caring responsibilities or trade union membership as
a bar to employment, training or advancement. We recruit staff solely on their ability to do the job.
Consulting with employees
We recognise the importance of good industrial relations and consulting fully with staff and are
committed to conducting employee relations in partnership to fully endorse and support the goals and
principles laid down by the Scottish Government. To this end we entered into a Partnership Agreement
with the Council of Scottish Government Unions and meet on a quarterly basis to discuss operational
and strategic issues facing the Agency.
Workforce planning
From the beginning of the year we have increased front-line staffing, both permanent and seasonal,
which has enabled us to improve our customer service. We have recruited across the Agency and are in
the process of developing a People Strategy, working within Scottish Government HR policies and
procedures. We will continue to use our bespoke in-house HR service working closely with Scottish
Government colleagues.
Management Board Report
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