Privacy and data protection

SAAS’ business purposes include:

  • Providing support to learners in Scotland
  • Appropriately managing public funds
  • Contributing to research and policy developments that support learners and the provision of learning support
  • Maintaining good relationships with the various organisations that allow SAAS to ensure the best outcomes for learners in Scotland.

SAAS understand that our application process requires you to provide a significant amount of personal information. We use the information you provide to assess your application for funding, and to allow us to fulfil our business purposes.

We will always use this information in keeping with the Data Protection Act and other legislation that requires us to properly manage the information you give to us.

What we do with your personal information

SAAS will use your personal information to assess your application, which may be done automatically by SAAS systems or by individuals who work for the Agency. As well as assessing your application, SAAS will use your personal information to ensure payment of funding for which you are eligible and will share your information with other institutions in order to fulfil its purposes, as listed above.

We regularly share information with the Student Loan Company, a separate organisation that pays loans to students on behalf of SAAS. If you would like more information about the Student Loan Company, please see their homepage.

We also provide information to Skills Development Scotland, who provide assistance to young people aged between 15 and 25. As of 2014, SAAS have a legal requirement to provide certain information to Skills Development Scotland and we do so in accordance with The Young People’s Involvement in Education and Training (Provision of Information) (Scotland) Order 2014 .

There may be other instances where we share your information with government agencies and other organisations in keeping with our need to provide learner support or develop policy in this area, or to investigate fraud.

We will never share your personal information for commercial purposes or for reasons out with SAAS’ business purposes, as listed above. If you have any queries about how your information is used, or would like to know more, please contact our Data Protection Officer.